Bears again!

A sure sign of spring around the “Hermitary” is the reemergence of bears, in this case, an adult female and her three cubs. Perhaps this is the same mother bear from Spring 2003 (see photos in Features), or perhaps one of her daughters, or perhaps newcomers altogether. But they have occupied the same dry slough behind the wooded area, and make the same regular trek to investigate birdseed and water sources around the house. The cubs are as small as puppies, and at the first sign of danger, the mother grabs each by the scruff of the neck and they scurry away from frightening sounds like motors. Sadly, the neighborhood here, once semi-rural, has suffered discovery as an exurbia. There are many more houses, many more trees felled, more noise and other pollution. One wonders how the bears persist, but I suppose the same question can be directed to oneself.
(New bear photos coming soon.)