No Comments

I have never considered “Hermit’s Thatch” to be a “blog” in the same sense that people nowadays write blogs with the expectation of getting feedback. That is not the expectation of a solitary. After all, historically no one wrote diaries and journals with the expectation of getting public feedback and comments on each entry the way blogs are presented today.

So I turn off comments, for though I appreciate anyone who writes to say something about an entry here and there, I don’t want to post their comments on entries and dilute the purpose of the journal as — after all — my reflections. I would think anyone who reads “thatch” will understand that reflections of this sort don’t beg for examination.

These entries are thatch, so much straw, really. They are intended to be no more than reflections in the literal sense that a pond reflects moonlight. The reflections point to the moon, and are of no use after we have discovered the source of the light.