“The Happy Introvert”

Reading The Happy Introvert by Elizabeth Wagele (2006). A cheerful book and quick to read — wish I had it when I was young. The subtitle suggests that it is addressed to teenagers and young adults (“A Wild and Crazy Guide for Celebrating Your True Self”), as do the examples dealing with relations at school or college or work, plus relevant careers for introverts versus extraverts, and parenting young children. But I profited from lots of insights and background discussion, and had a good time with cartoons, quotations, and useful questionnaires like the “In relationships, do you behave more like an introvert or an extravert?” There are useful sections on Jung, neurology, and the ubiquitous (but essential) Myers-Briggs. The book is thorough for being a popular treatment, and the appendix, “Introverts and Extraverts at Their Best and Worst” is a nice summary. Lots of useful information packed into a fun presentation. You’ll be happy, if not “wild and crazy,” reading this one.