The solitary does not automatically expend wisdom to others, in part following the Gospel expression of not throwing “pearls to swine.” Discernment determines when counsel to others is best. The only tool should be the likely efficacy of offering something to others, never the desire to promote abstractions, however good, and never to promote the self or one’s personal example or experience outside this efficacy and integrity.

However altruistic, avoidance of counseling means avoiding the easy temptation to pedagogy and proselytizing. Pedagogy and prosyelytizing sap the virtues, build ego, and wear away integrity.

Humility ought to be the prime virtue of the solitary because it keeps the person’s harmony with reality at its tacit and unspoken edge, where the universe itself rests, without speech, without lesson. We let others take their course not because it is a good course or a bad one but because we realize that an inevitable reckoning or balance will come to them.