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Films about hermits

Here are films of interest about hermits and eremitism, plus films about solitude, silence, and simplicity. They are presented from most recently released to oldest. Trailers or equivalent are embedded when available. The presence of a film here does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation, though all the films present hermits and the related topics in a positive and sympathetic way.

Biographical films (wilderness)
Feature films (fiction)
Films about solitude, silence, simplicity

Biographical films (religious) - 19 films

The Forest In Me (UK, 2014+)


produced by Rebecca Marshall; feature documentary currently in pre-production / 2015.

from the website:
"A 70 year old woman has spent all her life surviving in isolation in the vast Siberian forest. Time, faith and identity are delicately explored within this snowbound dreamscape, cut off from the world of mass communication.

Agafya Lykov, a seventy year old woman, lives alone in an isolated forest valley in the Russian republic of Khakassia, in the in the birch-wood hut where she was born, 150km away from the nearest village. From her birth in 1943 until 1978, she didn’t see another human outside of her family, of whom the last member died in 1988. She continues to survive from the land through extreme Siberian seasons, with winter temperatures dropping to -65F.

Alone in the taiga, Agafya draws. She draws pictures of animals and people from her life and named her cat ‘Little Drawing.’ The film will explore through these drawings her imagination, dreams and visions and asks what her mark-making means to her, who is she talking to? Do we all, as humans, have a similarly strong need to communicate or feel that we are leaving an individual legacy?

The Forest In Me is a meditation on the nature of identity within an isolated dreamscape of freezing snow and forest."

Agafia's Story: The Life of a Siberian Hermit (Russia, 2014)

embedded from RuTube; 3 part YouTube version: 1, 2, 3. Russian, no subtitles.
Inspired by the book Lost in the Taiga: One Russian Family's Fifty-Year Struggle for Survival and Religious Freedom in the Siberian Wilderness, by Vasily Peskov. Documentary history of the Lykov family of Old Believers who migrated to Siberia in the late 1930's and lived as hermits in the taiga, only "discovered" in the late 1970's by a Soviet geologist. Later focus on sole survivor Agafia.

The Last Anchorite (UK, 2008)