What is Hermitary?

articles, reviews, features, & blogs about hermits in lore, literature, history (East & West), art, film; solitude, silence, & simplicity


Dear friends & readers:

  • Hermitary is 15 years old in 2017!
    Website content will remain here indefinitely, but new articles, reviews, & features will probaby not appear often hereafter. Blogs entries will continue.
    -- Meng-hu ("meng-hu" @ this site)
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    Even the heartfelt hermit yearns, but I invite the wind for company. --Liu Tsung-yuan (from "Reply to Chia Peng")
    If I ever left here, where would I go -- to the realm of people all trouble and peril? --Po Chui-i (from "My Thatch Hut")

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    "Images of Eremitism" is an ongoing feature: photographic & art images of historical and modern hermits & hermit dwellings. Highlights religious, wilderness, women, and other hermits.

    "Hermits in Film" is an ongoing feature: documentary and fiction films about hermits, eremitism, solitude, silence, & simplicity.